Production Plan

2010 Schedule

Construction phase
Monday 15 Feb 7.00am - Load trucks at Bunnings
8am - Trucks arrive from Bunnings
8.30am - Built structure pack-in
8.30am - Hut arrives from DOC
9am - Erect lighting towers, musterers hut, staging
10am - Erect fence posts
2pm - Limestone boulders arrive from Fulton Hogan
Tuesday 16 Feb Catering pack-in
Wednesday 17 Feb 10am - Onsite team leaders design meeting
Thursday 18 Feb Landscaping basic form
Studio floor plate
Friday 19 Feb Landscaping basic form
Studio walls
Furniture pack-in
Landscaping phase
Saturday 20 Feb Landscaping basic form
Sunday 21 Feb Landscaping water feature
Work under own lights
Monday 22 Feb 10am - Front of house meeting
Tuesday 23 Feb 9.30am - Bush Telly Trustees meet onsite
Water features
Landscaping rocks
Wednesday 24 Feb Landscaping
Thursday 25 Feb Water features
Landscaping rocks
Friday 26 Feb Water features
Landscaping rocks
Saturday 27 Feb Wire fencing
Tree mulch arrives
Water features
Landscaping rocks
Sunday 28 Feb Landscaping
Fussy bits stage
Monday 1 Mar Landscaping
Tuesday 2 Mar 10am - Plants arrive from Wai-ora
Wednesday 3 Mar 9am - Plants arrive from Motukarara
10am - Onsite team leaders meeting
Thursday 4 Mar 1pm - Plants arrive from Fern Factor
Friday 5 Mar 9am - Weeds arrive from ?
Signage and photos erected
Props pack-in
Set completed
Saturday 6 Mar 10am - 12noon - Rehearsals
Available for media
Sunday 7 Mar 10am - 12noon - Rehearsals
Available for media
1pm - Tech pack-in
Monday 8 Mar 12 noon - All leave exhibit for judging
Tuesday 9 Mar 12.30pm - Official opening
Wednesday 10 Mar 9.30am - Filming
Thursday 11 Mar 9.30am - Filming
Friday 12 Mar 9.30am - Filming
Saturday 13Mar 9.30am - Filming
Sunday 14 Mar 9.30am - Filming
5pm - selll off
6pm - Tech packout
Monday 15 Mar 9am - Plants packout
Tuesday 16 Mar 9am - Set packout
Wednesday 17 Mar 9am - Landscaping packout
Saturday 20 Mar Site cleared
Sunday 21 Mar Canterbury Film & TV Industry Day - CPIT
Friday 26 Mar Wrap Party for cast, crew and sponsors

During the 3 week site build, everyone has been split into teams for safety and supervision. Team leaders and crew members may change over time as people join and leave the effort because of other commitments.

In Charge
Job: Overall design, water, SFX
Leader: Mike Peters 027-2105-042
Crew: Peter Hart

Landscaping Team
Job: Landscaping and plants delivery, placement, maintenance and removal, nursery
Leader: Ryan Young 021-222-9678
Crew: Jason Butt, Rob Bird, Lachlan McDonald, Maree Weavers, Sonya Pinnell, Suzanne Wood, Ruth Brown, Jo Meo, Jenny Cornelius, Jon King, Le Tither, Gavin Lucas, Joan Zoutendijk, Wayne Bush, John Witford, Richard Skinner

Transport Team
Job: Load, deliver and unload trucks, trailers, material storage
Leader: Karen Duncan-Caley
Crew: Brett Ahlfield, Cliff Wagner, Scott Cameron, Dale Stenson, Josh Keenan, Penny Ratcliff, Mark Duncan-Caley

Lighting and Electrical Team
Job: Lighting design, lighting towers, rigging, power cables, electrical safety
Leader: Andrew Dean
Crew: Simon Johnson, John Kane, Sasha Shamilov

Construction Team
Job: Workshop area, musterers hut, fencing and gates, set walls, staging
Leader: Grant Campbell
Crew: Peter Brady, Murray, Bunnings staff, Joan Miles

Front of House Team
Job: Signage, photos, posters, handouts, office furniture
Leader: Helen Braithwaite
Crew: Rob McCaw, Gemma Bradfield, Alan McDonald, Botsoc people, Sandra Parkkali, Alexis Brown, Vivian Bashford, Kevin Bashford, Andrew Reese-Jones

Science Communication Team
Job: Lab display, projectors, TV monitors, aquariums, sound system, critters
Leader: Ian Orchard 021-156-9191
Crew: Mike Bowie, Simon Pollard, Matt Walters, NIWA, LCR, DOC

Support Team
Job: Catering, comms, security, accounts, painting, deliveries, props, health and safety
Leader: Tracy Peters 027-2105-800
Crew: Cody Frewin, John Millthorpe, Bobby Ronayne